March 19th, 2018


March 19--It's not yet your birthday Benito Juarez!

Malida had expressed an interest in getting up early yesterday and going out to photograph around sunrise time. Her assignments for this week were to capture both golden light and blue light, which can be captured around either sunrise or sunset. The plan was that we would get up early to go out and photograph, head to the farmers market after we were done, and stop at the Hmong store on the way home to get papaya salad.

The alarm went off at 5:45, and I said "Let's get up and go take pictures!" She said, "Go away, I want to sleep," so I did. I got ready and headed out at about 6:15. Sunrise was at 7:15. I had planned to head to a certain spot on the far side of the Yolo bypass, but decided to go to the west side of the river instead.

river pano

The Sacramento River, just before sunrise. It was kind of cold out, but the sky was clear. It was just me and the geese out there. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures. I mostly just stood and watched the light change and appreciated the moment.

Once the sun was up I went to the farmers market. I bought a bunch of stuff and put it in the car, then headed back in to take pictures. I got some great shots of my friend Allie playing the flute, but forgot to upload them last night, so can't post them this morning. Maybe tomorrow.


Some lovely looking tomatoes. I didn't buy any. I don't eat raw tomatoes. They make my mouth itch. So when you invite me to dinner someday, and serve a salad, I will avoid those tomatoes you put in. No need to make a separate tomato-less salad just for me. Unless you want to, and if you do, leave the avocado out as well. Thanks.

papaya salad

The papaya salad station at the Hmong store. Malida says it is the best papaya salad in Sacramento, made pretty much the way they make it back home. I ordered it "medium spicy", and added, "it's for a Thai person," which seems to make a difference. I brought the papaya salad home, and Malida was just getting up. She asked why I didn't wake her up to take her photographing. Sigh.

So we went out in the evening to see if we could find some golden and blue light, even though it had been overcast all afternoon. The golden light was kind of dicey, but there was nice blue light after the sun went down. I took her out to the place I had thought about going in the morning, and then back over to the spot along the river. She got her shots.

the photographer

The photographer.

I read some more of my book before bed. The world that had been destined for the monkeys, is instead populated by self-aware spiders. One of the spiders is named Portia. It's getting interesting.
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