March 25th, 2018


March 25--Bus selfie and beyond

Friday was our last clinical day before the students start preceptorship. It is one of my favorite days of the semester. Plus we get off early.

bus selfie

They took a selfie before getting off the shuttle. I'm the one that looks like a teacher. Last shuttle trip for them. Next week the shuttles go away, and they have to take Lyft back and forth (as do I). After clinicals we practiced taking Lyft. It worked, mostly, except they all got charged instead of having credits taken out, so that will have to be fixed. My Lyft driver was chatty, and it turns out we know someone in common. Her car was full of dog hair.

I took them for lunch at a Thai place that wasn't very good. It was good the last time I was there, which was about 12 years ago, but I guess it's gone downhill. Either that or I am much more discriminating. Next time I'll let the students pick.

They gave me a Hello Kitty wine glass and a nice card. I kind of expected the wine glass, as one of the students asked a few weeks ago, "Do you have a Hello Kitty wine glass?" I do now.

hello kitty wine glass

It's big. Probably holds half a bottle. I put it in the china cabinet for the time being.

Yesterday I was back on campus for a meeting and to turn in my homework for my photography class. The meeting was the annual business meeting for the Nursing Alumni Association. I am now president-elect. Not something I really wanted to do, but I do want to see the association continue, and that is my job for the next year--to increase membership.

As I have mentioned previously, most of the members are from the class of 1959-1960. They realized, somewhat late, that they needed to bring in some younger people to keep it going. We shall see what the next year brings.

I missed my photography class, but talked to the teacher beforehand. Our homework was to identify some areas we wanted to photograph on our field trip in a few weeks. I told him I wanted to concentrate on the north part of Point Reyes, where I haven't photographed before. He said he was going to spend some time up that way too. I can't wait. I'm driving down there on Wednesday to do some more scoping out. I have the whole week off!

We are going down to the Bay Area today with my sister and her husband to see the tulip show at the cemetery we were at a few weeks ago. My sister has a new camera, so we should have fun photographing stuff. it's been a while since I have spent time with my sister, so I'm looking forward to it.
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