March 26th, 2018


March 26--Down to the tulips

We had a great day down in the Bay Area, visiting the tulip exhibits with my sister and her husband. The weather was great--sunny with big fluffy clouds. It rained a bit on the drive home, but that was about it.


There are tulips planted all over the cemetery grounds. When we were here a few weeks ago, most of them hadn't bloomed yet, but most of them have by now. There were a lot of people out wandering around.


There was an exhibit of tulip displays by local florists in one of the chapels. We spent a lot of time in there taking pictures. I showed Malida how to use her macro lens. It looked like she got some good shots, though she hasn't downloaded them yet. My sister's new camera is an Olympus, similar to mine, and we swapped lenses a few times.


After walking around for a while, we drove up to the top of the cemetery and took in the view. It was a bit hazy, but you could see San Francisco across the bay.


After the cemetery we drove to Berkeley and had lunch at an old Mexican place that has been there forever. My sister and her husband used to eat there when they came down for Grateful Dead shows, and I used to eat there when I lived in the area in the early 1980s. It turned out to be a great day.

No work today due to spring break. I am off to hike around up near some waterfall. Maybe I'll take pictures!
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