April 2nd, 2018


April 2--More things I see from here

I'm looking at my work calendar for April. It's pretty full. I have two out-of-town trips, a day of interviews for our new faculty position, two extra lectures, two exams, and two accreditation deadlines. Good thing I had a week off to regroup and relax.

We had a nice dinner at my sister's last evening. My brother-in-law made lamb kabobs. I've been trying to get him to cough up his lamb recipe for years, and last night he let me scan it. It's not too different from mine. I brought a greek salad. I didn't have a recipe, but I did have a picture of a salad I had the other day, and that was my guide.

greek salad

I didn't watch the Jesus Christ Superstar special on TV (television) last night, but I recorded it for later. I did listen to the original album, which is something I always do around Easter time. I'm always kind of surprised by how good it is.

Malida asked about the significance of Easter, and I explained it to her. She summarized thusly: "So Jesus dies, stays dead for a few days, then wakes up and hangs around for 40 days, eating eggs."Yeah, pretty much.


Chocko sits in the windowsill enjoying the sun. I notice how dirty the windows are, and think about washing them, but recall that "I don't do windows".

Some more things I see from here:

1. A plastic alligator threatening Pokey the plastic pony.
2. A postcard of a drawing of Robert Johnson
3. A bag of coffee--Sumatra
4. A bottle of "advanced therapy" hand lotion
5. A simplified arterial blood gas interpretation guide
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