April 3rd, 2018


April 3--The sun goes down and the stars go dancing

Yesterday started out positive, but slowly deteriorated to crappy by the time I went home. Not really any one thing, but a collection of small things that made me progressively crabby. By the time I got home, it was too late to take a nap and reset, so I stewed about stuff until it was time for bed. I read about my sentient spiders for a while, and went to sleep, waking up to a new day this morning.

My students are now on preceptorship, and I went out to see a few of them at the hospital yesterday. One of them wasn't there--she changed her schedule, but didn't let me know. The other had experienced an issue resulting from a lapse in judgment, and didn't tell me about it until I asked why something was off. Neither are a big deal in the big scheme of things, but do tell me they need to work on their critical thinking skills, which is what we will be talking about later when they come in and see me.

I started to set up the exam for tomorrow. There were ten questions missing from one of my colleagues, who explained that she didn't know she needed ten questions for her course content that needed to be tested!!! Grrrr, I said. So I had to put off getting the exam ready until this morning.

Once the exam was set up, I took it, to make sure everything worked ok and that there were no funky questions. I got a score of 58.5 out of 60, which would give me an "A" if I were a student. Pats self on the back.

I have to teach a class for the 3rd semester this afternoon. It will be my first look at the group who will be our students in the fall. This will be the last semester I teach these course as we are finally hiring another instructor for this semester. That's ok with me because I will have all sorts of new responsibilities next semester. More on that later.


No photos from yesterday, so this is one from last week when I was up at Empire Mine, from an old office. I love stuff like this.
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