April 5th, 2018


April 5--The password is Kumquat

My electronic devices are conspiring against me, keeping me from showing you the crappy cellphone pictures I have gathered for your viewing pleasure. For some reason, every avenue available to me to transfer pics from my phone to my laptop has failed. I have tried emailing, sending in a message, airdrop, etc, and they all fail. I tried grabbing it off iCloud via the laptop, and that failed too. What's up with that?

We had our third exam yesterday. Most of the students did well. A few didn't. So it goes. We have two more exams before the final. It's six weeks until the end of the semester. Yay! I am envisioning adventuring through hot sunny days in t-shirts and shorts.

Next week is my photography field trip. I bought some more neutral density filters. One can never have enough neutral density filters. I had planned to buy a second camera body, but our tax bill pretty much put the kibosh on that. I'll use my old camera as my backup.

The week after is my work conference in Yosemite. I'm looking forward to that as well. The downside is that I still have all sorts of work to do for the balance of the semester, and lots of preceptor visits. I will try an knock a bunch of them out this week and over the weekend.

My boss just came in and asked if I want to go to Portland for a meeting in June. Yes! I love Portland! I forget what the meeting is about, but it's in Portland!


The long walk to the other end of the campus.
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