April 9th, 2018


April 9--Not Peacocks

I am reminded by Facebook that on this day a year ago, I was at The City of 10,000 Buddhas up in Ukiah. There are peacocks there, and they were all over the place. We always stop in Ukiah on our way out to Mendocino. I am guessing it was spring break, as that would be the only time I would have some days off in April.


A picture from last year. In living color!

I'm not at The City of 10,000 Buddhas now--I'm sitting in my office waiting for the day to begin. We have interviews most of the day for our new faculty position. Somehow they have stretched out the process so that we will need to be here from 8:30 to 5:30. I'm kind of all caught up on the things I need to be caught up on at the moment, so no big deal. I do need to start thinking about the kidney lectures though--they come up in about 2 weeks.

We had a nice relaxing day yesterday. We went out to the farmers market in the morning and bought what we needed for the week. I bought an extra pound of nuts so I could take some to Point Reyes for hiking snacks.


Leftovers at the farmers market.

After we came home I had to go back out to the hospital to meet with a couple of students and preceptors. Some would complain about having to go in to work on a Sunday, but I use it as justification for taking Thursday and Friday off this week for my photo trip. It all works out.

We walked along the creek in the late afternoon. We could only go so far because the trail was flooded where it crosses over at one point. The rains this past week really filled it up. We saw a juvenile egret with her mom. The juvenile seemed curious about us and moved closer than they normally do. Mom eventually flew over and put the kibosh on that, but I did get a few good pictures.


After it got dark, Malida practiced "painting with light" for her photo class. "Where's my tripod?" she asks. The answer is that she doesn't actually have a tripod, but has somehow appropriated mine as her own. I had to give her that sad news that I will be taking both tripods with me on my trip. Anyway, we had fun doing some painting with light shots.

Sitting in front of me on my desk is a coffee mug from some medical supply company with a bunch of pens in it. I noticed that I also have three pairs of scissors in there. I have an abundance of scissors. A veritable plethora of scissors.
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