April 20th, 2018


April 20--How millennials think

The conference is going well. My boss was the first speaker yesterday, and even though I had heard her talk before, I still enjoyed it. She spoke about how to use academic electronic medical record systems to teach documentation to students. It was her doctoral project, and she is passionate about it.

I learned from another speaker that Baby Boomers like to watch TV (television), while Gen Z'er's are "compassionate, thoughtful, determined, and responsible". I will file that away for future reference. The third speaker was the CEO of the company that we are seeking accreditation from, and it was good to hear what she had to say, even though we have heard it before.

For $200 extra, you could get the meal package, which was hotel buffet breakfast lunch and dinner for two days, but we opted out of that and had delicious burgers in the restaurant. Someone later told us the hotel buffet food wasn't very good. No!

We decided not to attend the last session and took a walk instead. It was supposed to snow a bit yesterday, but it turned out to be only a few flakes, and didn't interfere with our walk. It was kind of chilly--about 40 degrees, but brisk, and felt good after a day inside.

Carel and Lynn

Carel and Lynn, my awesome boss and my awesome coworker. We walked past where we went yesterday and found a waterfall in the midst of the destruction.


We talked about all sorts of things on the walk, most of which had nothing to do with work. We told stories of our lives, and nursing stories, and stories about how we became who we are. After the walk we rested, and then met Carel's husband for dinner down in the other restaurant and continued our conversation. All four of us have been to Tahiti at one time or another.

I talked to Malida on the videophone. She was excited about having been introduced to the photo studio in class yesterday. I'm kind of sorry I got rid of my studio lights a few years ago. I'm sure she would have loved to play around with them. It was good to see her smiling face.

We have another half-day of conference this morning, then it is time to go home. I think we will drive through Yosemite Valley on the way home, provided the roads are ok. Maybe I'll take some pictures. :)
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