April 22nd, 2018


April 22--"I'm a visual learner"

I got back from the conference on Friday evening. We opted not to drive through Yosemite Valley and take the more direct route, because we just wanted to get home. I'm tired of traveling. Lynn and I had a nice conversation on the drive home, and it made the time go by.

I had my photography class yesterday morning--the first meeting after our field trip last weekend. We were working on our images and preparing them for printing. We only have to print two of our pictures, but they have to be perfect, so lots of test prints. There were some amazing shots from my fellow students--stuff I would have never thought of. Our portfolios are due next Saturday, and I have three or four done already.

One of the categories is night photography or star photography. There are guidelines for photographing stars, and I tried them out for the first time on the trip. It worked pretty well, but I need to practice more and find appropriate locations. I am thinking about being in the village in Thailand, where there is little to no electric light.

I have two possibilities for the portfolio:

pierce night

Night at Pierce Point Ranch. This was about 2 hours after sunset, but you can still see some sun glow in the lower left. It was a bit longer exposure than the star guides recommend, but I like the blue color.

milky way

The Milky Way from the back yard of where I was staying. Lots of light coming from San Francisco in the lower left. These kind of shots take lots of post-processing, and I want to get better at it, but I like this as a first effort.

I have all sorts of sunrise photos, but the one I like best is this one:

sunrise SFD

This was along the road that leads out to the lighthouse. I had pulled over to look at something else, and looked back and saw the sun starting to come up, with the low-lying fog and haze, and thought it would make a good shot. This is my favorite so far. It's one of the ones I printed up, and will probably frame it.

I still have a bunch of shots to process, and need to figure out which ones will make the final cut. I need about 12 images in total. I'll work on it this week.

Today is shaping up to be a typical Sunday. I will head out to the farmers market soon, and then Malida wants a hamburger, so we will go to The Habit for a burger. It's going to be warm today, so we will take a walk early. Back to work tomorrow.
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