April 23rd, 2018


April 23--Bees, etc.

It was a lovely Sunday. I got up and went to the farmers market. I ran into some friends and their mom, and chatted with them for a bit. I met a guy who does photo walks at a nature preserve in Napa, and he gave me his number and invited me to call for a walk.

pussy willow

This was the display on the guy's table. After I took the picture, he rearranged it. He told me he rearranges a lot.

I picked up Malida after the farmers market and we took a walk along Laguna Creek. It was a beautiful day--warm, but not yet hot. Lots of wildflowers and bees and a big fish jumping around in the creek. It was blue with a yellow tail, and at least a foot long. I had no idea there were fish that big in the creek.


I took a lot of pictures--way more than I usually take along a creek walk. Malida almost didn't bring her camera, but I told her "you never know", and you never do. She got all sorts of good shots for her portfolio.


I officially gave her the big Canon lens. I've been carrying that thing around for close to 15 years. Now it's her turn.


There were lots of bees buzzing around the fried egg flowers. I used my new long lens to capture them--the lens that weighs a lot less than Malida's.

We got some lunch and came home and worked on our respective portfolios. I grilled a london broil steak for dinner. I was going to watch the season premier of Westworld, but decided to wait until tonight. I wasn't in a TV (television) mood last night.

I continue to read The Last Picture Show. It's turning out to be not at all what I expected it to be. When I started it, I wasn't sure if I had ever seen the movie, but now I am sure I haven't. I'll probably watch it after I finish the book.
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