May 8th, 2018


May 8--Puppyanne versus Shadow Robots

Well, we got the report done and submitted this afternoon, and now we wait to hear from Atlanta in about 6 weeks. What a relief. Now we get to write the full report, but we are already halfway there and have until about August, so plenty of time.

I did my second to last tutoring session today on the content for our last unit exam. Friday I will do a three-hour comprehensive case study that pretty much covers everything we talked about this semester. Fortunately it is mostly all written. All I have to add is some head trauma, and we are good. I still can't believe the semester ends in a week.

I am hoping to get everything done that I need to do tomorrow and Thursday so I don't have to worry about any of it over the weekend. Malida found a pretty cool place to hike, and we are gonna check it out on Saturday.

I watched some tv (television) this afternoon. The movie Under the Tuscan Sun was just starting, and I watched it all the way through. I had forgotten what a good movie it is. I keep the book with my cookbooks because it has some great recipes. Makes me long to go back to Italy and hang out in Tuscany.

Tuscan cupid

Cupid of Firenze, back on our first trip to Italy together in 2009. This was taken the day before we got engaged.

I was listening to some music by Tanya Donelly the other night and discovered that she and Kristin Hersh used to be in Throwing Muses together, and they were best friends, and they were step-sisters. How did I not know any of that? Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff already by Kristin Hersh, and dove deep into Tanya's stuff and some Throwing Muses as well. I love being able to find great music that is new to me.
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