May 10th, 2018


May 10--why does the porridge bird lay its eggs in the air?

It is in the mid 70's outside as the sun starts to go down, and I have the windows open. There are all sorts of roses right outside the window. It's kinda nice.

We had our last examination before the final yesterday. As the students took the test, I looked at old maps on my laptop. I found some sort of site with all sorts of maps all the way back to the 1800s. I was interested in the area where I live. It used to be part of a land grant. I could have been doing real work (I have plenty of it), but looking at maps seemed a lot more interesting.

After the test, I had to go for a meeting, then came back and went over the test to see if there were any bad questions. They were ok. My day was done at that point. I left and drove up to Amador County, which is in the foothills east of here. It is mostly a two-lane road through the country. At one point, the road follows Deer Creek, which I had seen earlier on one of the old maps.

My old ICU friends were having a thing up at a winery in the town of Plymouth. A "team building event", which is really just an excuse to go somewhere fun and hang out with coworkers, or former coworkers in my case. It was great to see everyone. I saw a bunch of them at the last event back in December, but there were a few I hadn't seen since I left. I've been gone from the ICU 7 years now.


The winery people took us down into the cellar to see the barrels and all the other interesting stuff down there. It was nice and cool.

I spent most of today writing my part of the final exam. There were only a few people around, so no one bothered me. My boss came by to let us know that the thumb drive with our report had been received in Atlanta. So that's good, because the electronic copy she sent via email bounced back for being too big. Lots of charts and graphs.

I had three things on the list of things to do today. I finished all three, then headed for home. I made some pork schnitzel and ravioli for dinner. I'll to bed early so I can go in and get some stuff done before my 3-hour tutoring/case study thing. We will also have a potluck. I bring the plates. I told the students, "Bring the food of your people." Someone better bring lumpia.

other iris

Other iris from the other morning.
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