May 12th, 2018


May 12--Snappy Falcon

The comprehensive concept review/tutoring/case study went well. There was lots of good food. Everyone was in good spirits. We have two pregnant students, and the other students held a little baby shower for them, with cake.

I got in early and added a few things to the end of the case study. The case study started out as a time-filler at the end of my respiratory distress lecture because I had an extra half-hour. It was about a guy who comes in with a urinary tract infection and ends up on a mechanical ventilator. He is named after Dylan's Mr. Jones. Over the years I have added to it where he develops sepsis, and has a heart attack. This time around I added some kidney failure and a concerned wife, who collapses after hearing about his heart attack and hits her head on a chair as she goes down.

I finished up at about 11:30, and worked on final evaluations for a while. I called the woman who cuts my hair to see if she could see me on the way home. She was busy until 3, and suggested I go take a nap, then come in, which I did. She has been cutting my hair for about 13 years, and knows just how I like it.

In the evening I went out to the yard and watered the plants as the temperature came down. Things look good. Malida came home a bit late--they had a patient go into cardiac arrest in the afternoon, and she had all sorts of paperwork to complete.

She described the scenario for me. They had to do CPR and use the AED on the guy before the paramedics came and took him away. It wasn't her patient, but she is pretty much the clinical leader there, and everyone looks to her when stuff happens. She was still pretty hyped up when she got home, and went to bed way after me.

After the busy week we both had, we decided that this weekend would be a do-nothing weekend. We need it.


A lupine flower from our hike last week.
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