May 25th, 2018


May 25--High Hand

We had plans to go up to the High Hand Nursery, up in Loomis, about 45 minutes away. We were also thinking about visiting the iris farm up that way, but turns out it is closed during the week. The nursery itself is enough. It is a big place, and they have turned one of the greenhouses into a restaurant, that has excellent food. We make it up that way about once a year.

There is always a wait for the table, so we wander the grounds looking at things. I used to have a High Hand hat, that I lost along the way, so I replaced it.

high hand

The place is full of these creative displays.


Gimme eat! Gimme eat!


This one's for Hanna.

The food was good. Malida had a shrimp salad and I had a trip-tip sandwich, and we shared, as we normally do. I bought a couple of succulents to put on the front patio with all the other plants I have put out there this year.

high Hand

High Hand.
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