May 27th, 2018


May 27--Streets are flooded

One of my nieces is in Venice, Italy, and I sent her a note that said, "be careful--I hear the streets are flooded!" She didn't get it. No one ever gets it.

After all the good food we have been eating lately, I found myself in need of a good walk, so went out early and walked around the park a few times. The path was still a bit wet from the rain the other day, but not too bad. As I came around to the north side, I saw a bunch of fire engines and police cars parked near the pool, and thought, "uh oh".

fishing firefighter

Turns out they were having some sort of event. They were out by the "lake" teaching kids to fish. I thought that was pretty cool.

I went to the Home Depot after the walk and bought my garden stakes, and not a single other thing. It wasn't really crowded or anything--I just didn't feel like shopping. Now that I'm thinking about it, I need a new garden hose. Next time.

I came home and chatted with my neighbor who is a CHP officer. I told him I saw his friend out blocking traffic when I was photographing the bike race the other day. He said he was down the road a piece blocking the other end of the road. He told me that if I ever want to go out and ride along with him on one of these things I could. That would be cool.

He's a great neighbor. I mentioned that we were going to Thailand in July, and he offered up one of his daughters to take care of the cats for us. And he always keeps an eye on things.

Malida made some spicy Thai soup for lunch and I had a delicious chicken caesar salad with beets. We had a hunk of tiramisu, but she finished it off before I had a chance, which was probably a good thing (see need for walk above).

I spent some time reading in the afternoon--such a luxury. In the evening I finished off the Tom Petty documentary I have been watching. It was about 4 hours long, but well worth it. Today we are going up to Folsom, so Malida can do some shopping at the outlet mall for things to bring to Thailand.

garden pig

A former tea kettle, now garden pig.
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