May 28th, 2018


May 28-Big light in sky

Two of my favorite vendors at the farmers market told me they were going to take this week off for the long weekend, so I did the same. We still have all sorts of stuff left over from last week. Except for nuts, but the nut guy was one of the people taking off, so nothing to be done about that.

It was a warm day and I sat outside in the morning and enjoyed my coffee. I took a few hummingbird pictures. They are difficult to capture, but challenging. I will continue to try over the summer. I have counted four different hummingbirds that come to our feeder regularly, and I am sure there are others.


Malida wanted to go shopping for stuff to take to Thailand, so we went up to the outlet mall and shopped around. There were good sales, and she found everything she wanted. I got a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to replace the ones that have gone missing. Essential for a long plane ride.

We had lunch at a place Malida Iikes up in Folsom, then stopped at the big Korean supermarket on the way home. She got some kimchi and I got some pork ribs to grill up.


In the afternoon I grilled the ribs and sat outside some more, admiring my garden. The ribs turned out great. I used the same marinade I used the time before. We ate ribs and whatever else was left over sitting around the house.

Malida is going through all the Harry Potter movies, and I watched one with her. I've seen them quite a few times already, but they are endlessly entertaining. She wants me to watch the next one with her now, but I don't have three hours worth of tv watching in me at the moment.


Another hummingbird shot.
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