May 31st, 2018


May 31--the sign of the teaspoon

Not much happening the past few days. I've been settling into the rhythm of summer break. I've gone in to work a few times to work on the curriculum for the summer program, but it's boring work and I can only do it a few hours at a time. I have done 4 week's worth so far, out of a total of 17 weeks.

I got up early yesterday intending to go in, but decided to sit out in the yard and enjoy my coffee instead. I watched the hummingbirds come and go. I saw one I didn't see the other day. He had a ruby throat. I've been reading up on them a bit, and I think he is a male because of the shape of his tail feathers.

hummingbird 3

We had some hot weather the past few days, but it was cooler yesterday, with a little breeze. It felt good to sit out there. I filled the regular bird feeder, so hope to see some other kinds of birds soon. I can hear them--they live in the big tree in the yard behind us.

I did some work in the garden. We have a fountain in one of the corners, and I pulled it out and cleaned the corner in anticipation of putting some planting areas behind it to plant some ferns and stuff. I fooled around with some garden blocks I had sitting around, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I have a hard time visualizing these kind of things. Or I guess I can visualize it, but have a hard time translating that into something real. I am going back and forth in my mind about whether to ask the gardener to do it, or do it myself.


The back yard. You can see the fountain in the distance. After I finished fooling around back there, I went in to work for a while and worked on my stuff. My boss came through and commented that it seems like I'm always there. She's always there too, but she doesn't get the summer off.

I met my niece Harley downtown for lunch. I saw her briefly at the family event last week, and she had some big news to tell me. She has (mostly) decided to move to Scottsdale Arizona. She's bored here, and needs something new in her life. She works for Nordstrom, so can transfer to the store there, provided she's there by July 1. She's kind of going back and forth about it, but I told her "do it!" She's 27, and needs some adventure in her life. She still lives at home and has never been out on her own. It's time.


We had a nice visit and talked about all sorts of things. I don't really have a favorite niece or nephew, but I find Harley the easiest to talk with.

I came home and had a nice nap, even though I didn't really do much to require one. Today we go see the eye doctor, then will hike around somewhere.
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