June 1st, 2018


June 1--Joshua Judges Baby Ruthless

We started out the day at the eye doctor. I've been going to him for about 22 years, and appreciate how thorough he is. His exam room is a perpetual mess.

eye doctor

For some reason, he asked me to come in while he was talking to Malida. I think he thought she wasn't getting what he was saying about bifocals vs progressive lenses. She wasn't. He has a camping chair in the corner, and I sat there and listened. Then it was my turn. My eyes are the same. We have a great vision plan that allows for new lenses and frames every year, so I opted for a new pair of sunglasses. Bifocal sunglasses. I hate those progressive lenses.

After the eye doctor, we had some breakfast at a place I used to go to back when I lived in that area. It's a place that never changes, and some of the same servers are there from years ago. The food is good. After breakfast we headed up highway 50 towards the town of Coloma, which is where gold was first discovered here back in 1848.

sutter's mill

A replica of Sutter's mill, where James Marshall discovered the gold that led to the Gold Rush, and started the great migration of people to the west, which included my family. Even though I am a 5th generation Californian, this was the first time I visited this place. Had I gone to a public grade school, I probably would have come here on a field trip in the 5th grade, but I went to a small Lutheran school, and we visited a potato chip factory instead.

We walked around the grounds for a while, and then took a while along the Monroe Ridge trail. The weather was perfect--about 70 degrees. It was a pretty trail, still with some wildflowers.

trail flowers

We didn't see much wildlife, though there were warnings for mountain lions. Kind of glad not to run into one of them, though I practiced being menacing just in case. I did see a lizard, though.


When we got to the top, we found some nice sitting rocks and rested for a while. There was a breeze and it felt good to be up there. I could see the American River down below in the distance. After we rested and had some trail snacks and water, we headed back down.

I was kind of beat after we got home, and fell asleep in my chair. I woke up at about 8 pm and watched tv (television) for a while. I stumbled across an old show from the 1960s called That Girl, which starred Marlo Thomas, who I had a crush on when I was a kid. It's not a show I would have sought out, but I was pleased that I came across it after all these years.
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