June 3rd, 2018


June 3--The water bells of Dubuque

Hey, it's June!

There's a scene in The Godfather, Part II, where the wife of the young Vito Corleone comes to him and describes the plight of a friend of hers who is in trouble, suggesting that he might help the friend. It's an interesting scene, because it shows for the first time that he is becoming a man of power, and that his wife recognizes it. In the scene, he is clearly unhappy about the whole thing, but his wife is persuasive, and he talks to the woman.

I was reminded of that scene when Malida came to me the other day and described the plight of her friend, who needed to go to Fairfield on Friday to take a test, and she needed a ride, as she doesn't drive. Malida would do it, but she had to work. Her friend's husband is a pilot and would be flying that day so he couldn't do it. There was, apparently, only one person who could do it, and that person was me. I was clearly unhappy about the whole thing, but my wife is persuasive.

Anyway, Malida ended up getting the the day off, so we all drove down together to take her friend for the test. She was an RN in Thailand, but was taking the massage therapy license exam. The test was at 11:30, so we dropped her off and did some hiking in a regional park about 2 miles from the testing site.

rockville hills

It was quite a bit warmer than the day before. We hiked for about an hour and a half before heading back to pick up her friend, who was happy after learning that she passed the test. We took her to lunch at a mediterranean restaurant nearby in Suisun City to celebrate, then headed home.

Yesterday was even warmer than the day before, and ended up at about 98 degrees in the afternoon. I got out early to walk along the creek trail. After walking I went to some big new furniture store that just opened in some big new shopping center on the other side of town. I was looking for a new office chair, as the one I am sitting in now is pretty decrepit. I found one I liked, but couldn't find anyone to help me. I have limited patience when out shopping in big stores, so I left without buying the chair.


A cat sits in the field near the creek, pondering the mysteries of life.
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