June 4th, 2018


June 4--Tastefully Refreshing

I got up early and went to the farmers market. I saw my friend Danny there with all his family who are visiting from Thailand. He has 10 people staying at his house. He loves to cook for lots of people, so everyone is happy. I bought a bunch of stuff, including a couple pounds of cherries. The cherry guy remembered that I had taken pictures of his cherries a few weeks ago, and asked if I was going to take some more. I didn't, as my hands were full by then.

After I got home, we sat out in the yard for a few hours until it got too hot. It was a lovely morning. There were lots of birds singing in the trees. I refilled the hummingbird feeder and we had lots of visitors. Gemma the cat came and visited as well.


This guy spent a lot of time at the feeder. He would take a sip, pause, turn and look at me, and do it all again. I like that the hummingbirds seem aware of our presence. Sometimes they will fly over to where we are sitting and hover in front of us for a moment, checking us out.

pole bean

The plants love the warm weather. We have plenty of beans, tomatoes, and peppers growing. I brought the old orchid from the front and put it in the shade of the back patio where it will sit out the summer. Everything else out front is looking good.

We talked about what we want to do in the back yard, and decided to pull up the little bit of grass near the fountain, and create a path with some flower beds. We'll put a sitting area near the fountain, under the tree there. Or something like that.

After it got too hot, we came in, had some lunch, and watched the last two Harry Potter movies. I really like the Harry Potter films (unlike The Lord of the Rings series, which I disliked intensely). During the second film I made some popcorn, so we got that movie theater feel. We hardly ever go to the theater for movies.

The back of my office chair broke last night, as if to give me the last push toward getting a new chair. I'll shop around today after I go to work for a while. I have absolutely no motivation to go in there today, but I have to get that stuff done. Maybe I'll walk first.

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