June 17th, 2018


June 17--propane eyes

"Happy fathers day!" say the cats, "and give us some food!"

We went out hiking on Friday, down to Point Reyes. We decided we wanted to leave early, so we could get back home before the terrible Friday afternoon traffic leaving the SF bay area. So we got up at 4:45 am and left by 530 am. We are both used to getting up early, so no big deal.

The drive down was ok. We got to Point Reyes Station at about 8, and drove out to the Chimney Rock trail parking. There was only one other car. Yay! It's not really a long walk, but it is beautiful.

chimney rock

It was a bit foggy, which was great. I have plenty of pictures where it is sunny, so the fog gave me a different view. We walked out to the point and sat on the bench for a while. It was a bit windy, but not bad. We saw a bunch of seals down below on a beach.


They were having some sort of argument about something.


As we were driving, a doe and two fawns crossed the road in front of us. We stopped and watched them for a while. They kept their distance, but didn't freak out or anything.

We stopped and talked to the cows for a while, then headed up the coast to have lunch at the Marshall oyster stand. We ordered our food and sat outside. It was pretty--maybe about 60-65 degrees. I had crab salad and clam chowder. The food, though good, is really expensive, and the place is a dive, so I guess they are paying for the beautiful real estate they are occupying.

We headed for home at about 1 pm, hoping to avoid the traffic. I guess it didn't matter what time we left. We hit traffic as soon as we got on Highway 37, and crawled the rest of the way home. It took us 4 1/2 hours, on what is normally a 2-hour drive. Lesson learned--don't go on a Friday.

Anyway, it was a lovely day.

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