June 23rd, 2018


June 23--Another song by the One-Hit Wonders

I got up fairly early for a Saturday, as I have things to do and places to go. I went out at about 6:30 and gave some extra water to some of the plants and trees. It's supposed to be about 104 today, and it is already 70. I have the window open, and the sun is shining in. The sun always seems brighter on a hot day.

The Nursing Alumni has its annual luncheon today. I have become gradually more involved in the Alumni board, and today I will take over as president. I will have to give a little speech, but I'll wing it. I'll also get to give out the scholarships, which is one of the main things we do. One of the first directors of the nursing program, way back when, left her estate to us to be used for scholarships.

Most of the people on the alumni board are old-timers, who graduated from the nursing program close to 60 years ago. At 61, I am the new blood. My objective for the coming year is to try and get some more new blood to join, so that I don't end up being the final president of the association, which is a possibility. I don't really think I am all that well suited to getting people do do things, but here I am.

I started to think about packing for our Thailand trip yesterday. We leave in two weeks. I mostly thought about what kind of camera stuff I should bring, and how I should carry it. I have a great camera bag that meets airline requirements, but not sure I want to bring everything with me. I'm already thinking about missing the stuff I wouldn't bring, so I'll probably bring it all anyway.

I bought some new warm weather clothes the other day at REI. They had some great shirts on sale--the kind that keep you cool, and dry easily. Malida's mom says I have some clothes there, but I can't remember what they are. If I leave clothes there this time, I will take pictures of them, so I know what's there next time.

I finally finished writing the first exam for the summer program yesterday. It was tedious, as none of it is my content. I did learn a lot though, both about the content, and about how little effort "other people" put in to writing test questions for their content.

I have about 3 days left to finish everything I need to finish before I go to Thailand. I talked with the other guy who is teaching this program with me, and he is all set, and doing everything he needs to do, so I was relieved by that. The course starts Tuesday, but I will be in Portland with my boss for a conference, so he will get things started. He graduated from our program about 8 years ago, and already has a doctorate. I should get him to join the alumni.

I think I'm going to stop volunteering to do stuff for a while.


From my step-sister's pond, taken the other day.
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