June 26th, 2018


June 26--Off to the Pacific Northwest to study statistics

I'm flying to Portland this morning for a conference to teach us about how to read the statistics that are generated from when our students take the licensure exam. My boss and her husband are going too. We get a big binder full of numbers twice a year from this company, and no one really knows what they mean. I'm not sure knowing what they mean is going to tell us much. We have one of the highest licensure exam pass rates in the state. Anyway, as my boss said, "It's Portland!"

We won't have much time for sightseeing, but will get to have a couple of good dinners and look around in the evening. I like the husband of my boss. He was with us when we were up at the conference in Yosemite a few months ago, and is really easy going. While we are in the conference, he will scope out places for us to eat.

We had some super hot days last week, but this week it has cooled down to the high 80s. I have the window open this morning, and I can hear some sort of bird--maybe an owl or something. Hoo-hoo-hooo. I've been going out walking in the mornings. Mostly around the campus as I've been working. This morning I will walk in the park before I have to leave for the airport.


Some stairs in the Portland Japanese Garden, from my last visit there about a year ago.