June 27th, 2018


June 27--The boozy bedfellow to our beloved brunch classic

It was an uneventful travel day. Malida took me to the airport, which is the first time she's ever taken anyone to the airport here. Usually she's working so I drive and park, but she was off yesterday and will be off Thursday when I get home. Now that she has mastered the airport, she vows to try driving downtown. Yay!


The Sacramento Airport Rabbit. One of my favorite pieces of public art. The airport wasn't crowded, and I got through security quickly. I did get stopped because I have a Kindle in my bag. Apparently you have to pull out Kindles now too. Right.

I met my traveling companions and we had some coffee before the plane boarded. It was an easy flight--1.5 hours from gate to gate. I saw a line of volcanoes out the window--the Cascades. I remembered that when Malida and I were up here last year we drove out to Mount Hood, and how pretty it was up there.

We got in and drove to the hotel. Our rooms were ready and we dropped off our stuff before walking around the neighborhood.

Dave and Carel

My traveling companions figuring out where we could have lunch. We ended up at a place not too far away that had some really good food and a nice table next to an open window. It was in the low 70s, and perfect for Portland. After we ate we came back and rested for a few hours. I slept for a while and texted with my niece who is moving to Arizona in a few days.

In the evening we headed out to dinner to a place one of our colleagues suggested--The Screen Door, which features Southern cooking. It is one of those places that doesn't look like much, but is always packed. We got a booth and had a delicious dinner. If you are ever in Portland, I highly recommend it.

I came home and watched part of a really interesting Bob Dylan documentary on the TV (television). I don't know why I had never seen it before. I was surprised by how young he (and Joan Baez) looked at the beginning of his career. He was just a kid, with a remarkable gift. I started falling asleep around where he plugged in at Newport, so don't know how it ends.

Today is 8 hours of looking at numbers. I'm steeling myself with some weak hotel coffee.


"I take pictures of everything," I said, as I stopped to take a picture of some dead flowers laid out on a stoop.
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