July 4th, 2018


July 4--It's the 4th of July!

We are sitting out in the back yard enjoying the mild weather. It's 78, with a slight breeze. Just about perfect. I can recall some years where it is too hot to even venture out on the 4th. My little fountain is making a pleasing noise.

I'm slow grilling some ribs for dinner. I made some potato salad, though I hardly ever eat potato salad, because of the eggs. Mine has no eggs. Some squash from the garden and grilled corn will round out the menu. Our friends are coming over to have dinner and maybe watch the fireworks with us.

We are fortunate to have an almost perfect view of the big fireworks show at the big park from our back yard. It used to be blocked by the big tree behind us, but then they moved the show to the south to avoid traumatizing the ducks, and now we can see it all. We could walk over to the park and join the crowds, but it is nice to sit here.

I finished up all my work for school yesterday, and am now officially done until after I get back from Thailand. I am so happy to not have to deal with it for a month. Next year I'm taking the whole summer off and just drive around to random places.

I went over to see my musician friends last night and show them the pictures I took a few weeks ago during their recording session. They were pleased. They played the finished (but not mastered) CD for me. It sounds great. They and asked me to shoot the cover for them, and we will do that when I get back. They want a sort of cowboy theme, so it will be somewhere with a horse. I'd like to find an old wooden barn as a backdrop. We had a shot of tequila to seal the deal. I can't remember the last time I had tequila.

I packed my clothes for the trip this morning. I still have to pack all the weird extra stuff we are taking such as yeast flakes, walnuts, chocolate, gummy vitamins, and the various other things we bring for people over there. Malida is bringing 4 bottles of wine to drink with her friends when we are on a short trip to Chanthaburi, which is outside of Bangkok, near the Cambodian border. Malida tells me it is the place they grow durian. Durian and wine. What can go wrong?

I found an epic novel to read on the trip. The main character is a guy 3 months younger than me, and it takes place in the town my dad lives in. I forget what it is called. I read the first chapter last night and it seems ok. Any other epic novel suggestions are welcome.


Some stuff under glass on a table at the recording studio.
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