July 10th, 2018


July 10--in Ubon

We made it to Ubon ok and Managed to stay awake until normal bedtime, which really helps reset the clock. We stayed awake by going to the Tesco Lotus supermarket to get some things we needed, such as yogurt. I was beat, but drove, and managed to stay on the right side of the road, which is the left side of the road. I always get a little nervous about it the first day, but get used to it pretty quickly.

We managed a full night's sleep and got up at about 7 am. I sat outside and had my coffee. It is rainy here, so not too hot, but really humid. In the morning we went out and visited a temple, and dropped some stuff off at the hospital, then headed out near the river to have some coffee.


The river is pretty high this time of year, but everything is green and pretty.


This was a temple near the river and the coffee place. We met some women who tried to sell us insurance, but settled for having us take their pictures instead. The coffee place was great--good coffee and some garlic toast for snack.

In the afternoon the family came from the rice farm so we could talk about how to build our house. I didn't know about this, and quickly sketched out a simple design for a 1200 square foot house. The husband of Malida's aunt (her uncle), will build it when it is not rice season. It took me about a half hour of back and forth between Malida and him to figure out when that was. She doesn't really translate--she interprets.

She says, "He can start in March and work until July."

"So, four or five months, then?" I ask.

"No--one month."


Anyway, July and August are planting season, so he will stop for two months, then start back on the house again. This will all happen next year. We are going to the village later this week to take a look at the land and figure it out more.


After we did that, we took them out to eat at my favorite local restaurant.

Long time readers of this journal will remember that they had a little girl who would follow me all around and ask me to take her picture. The last time I was here, she was six. Now she is nine, and a bit shy, but was starting to warm up a bit.



We have already been out and about this morning, and I have taken hundreds of pictures, which will wait for tomorrow.
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