July 13th, 2018


July 13--You'll lick your elbow

We woke up at about 4 am, after going to bed early, and decided to just get up. Malida gave food to the monks and I looked at my pictures. After a while everyone got ready and we headed back to the village to drop off Grandma and Nung (Nim's big sister), and visit.

papaya salad

We stopped in the town near the village to get some food to bring with us. The woman who runs this place told us it was called "Papaya Salad So Good You'll Lick Your Elbow," apparently much better than just finger-licking' good. Nung likes hers spicy, and ordered it with about 50 (FIFTY!!) thai chilis. Malida usually orders hers with five. We got a bunch of grilled meat too, and headed off.

feast at the rice farm

We walked out to the rice farm, which is about 1 km from the village and had lunch. It was good to see everyone. We ate and ate. I spent some time with the girls' father, going over our house plan, as he is the guy who will build it. We decided how it would sit on the land (front door facing south), what kind of roofing material (the good kind), and what kind of doors and windows (wood, aluminum).

We walked over to Malida's cousin's family. One cousin, Mack, and her family are here visiting from Germany, and we will be heading out to Lao with them over the weekend. The other cousin, Yuan, now lives in the village, and is happy we are building a house there. She is already making plans to come have breakfast every morning.

family at land

We all walked out to our property to take another look. It started raining a bit, but Yuan said a prayer and the rain stopped.


We walked back to the village and said goodbye to everyone. Grandpa showed me the rice baskets he now makes in retirement. He does great work. He has been sick, but is a lot better now. Yuan and Mack's father is sick as well, and he doesn't look so good. For most of these old folks getting sick, it is the first time they have ever been really ill. For most of their lives, they didn't have time to be sick, and just kept doing what they had to do to survive.

We said our goodbyes and headed home. It was a great day.