July 20th, 2018


July 20--Temple in the Woods

We decided the night before that we would go out to the wood temple, Wat Nong Pah Pong, outside of town, and bring Malida's mom, so she could give food for the monks. It's one of my favorite temples, and we go out there every time we are here. It is not much like other temples--not a lot of ornamentation or statues or such, and it is in the woods--very peaceful and quiet. It was founded by a venerable old monk of the forest tradition, and there is a big stupa that houses his bones.


The stupa. While we were there, a big Mercedes motor home pulled up, accompanied by a few cars of secret service types. Some folks got out and paid respects, then took off again. Malida thought it was probably some members of the royal family or something. Ubon is getting ready to celebrate the Candle Festival, and there are a lot of VIPs in the area for it. I guess.

We brought food and went to the morning prayer in the temple, then watched as the monks got their food. After they got theirs, the rest of the people were able to eat as well.

wood monk

A monk walks to the monk's dining area with his bowl of food. A rooster watches carefully.

wood temple

A path along the trees. This is a big place, and there are all sorts of places to walk and take it in.


A small turtle we saw walking across the road. We were concerned about him, and put him back in the woods. He was only about the size of my palm. เต่า means turtle in Thai. Sounds like "tao", but not spelled that way.

Malida and her mom

Malida and her mom, and the chickens and roosters.

We will return to Bangkok Sunday. Our time here is almost over.