July 25th, 2018


July 25--In the land of durian

It's been a busy couple of days and haven't had a chance to download any of my pictures to my lappy, or write. We left Ubon on Saturday and flew to Bangkok uneventfully. Got in in the afternoon and checked into the Millennium Hilton, right on the Chao Phraya river. We like it there because it is centrally located and has a nice view. We took the shuttle boat across and had dinner with Malida's niece, who has a shop in the big marketplace nearby.

The next morning we took the regular shuttle boat up the river a bit. The boat is like a floating bus, that has all sorts of stops along the way. It only costs about 50 cents one way, so a real deal. We got off at Wat Arun and walked around.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun is my favorite temple in Bangkok. It sits right on the river, and is beautiful. We spent some time walking around and taking pictures, then headed back across the river to see the Reclining Buddha.

reclining buddha

By the time we got there, it was already kind of getting crowded with tourists. We walked around the Grand Palace, but didn't go in. We took the boat back across the river and had lunch at a nice place on the river, then went back to our hotel just before the rain storm hit.

our view

The view from our room. One of the other things we like about this place. In the evening we went up to the rooftop bar and had a drink. US prices, but the view is unbeatable. We came back and packed up to head to Chantaburi province for a few days with Malida's friends. We left most of our stuff stored at the hotel and only took our backpacks.

To meet her friends, we had to take the boat across the river, then take the skytrain for a while, then transfer to the subway. Bangkok has a great mass transit system, and it is easy to get to all sorts of places. We met her friends at one of the outlying stations, and started the long drive to Chantaburi. I read most of the way, and finished my third book of the trip.

When we got in the area, we stopped at the central fruit market to get some of the local fruit, including durian. As the guy was cutting it up, he handed me a piece and I took a big bite.

me durian

You wouldn't know it by my expression, but it was creamy and delicious. All the fruit here is good. Very fresh.


The view from the deck of our cabin. We pretty much sat out here until it was time to go to sleep. The people who own the place brought us all sorts of delicious food, and Malida and her friends talked and ate while I started reading book #4 and ate.

beer lao

I had my last Beer Lao, which I have been carrying around for a while. I slept well, listening to the rain come down, and dreamed about the time I got caught with some hashish when I was in the Air Force. In the dream, I traveled back in time and told myself to get rid of it before the MPs and their dogs showed up. I was pretty dumb back then, so I doubt I would have listened to myself.

Today we go sightseeing in the rain (a recurring theme) and move to another place to stay. Then it is back to Bangkok for two days, then home.