July 30th, 2018


July 30--Hedgehogs under the collar

Back home after an uneventful journey of a day or so. The house was still standing, and in good order, and the cats were upset with us for leaving for so long. Chocko followed me around for a few hours meowing at me, while Mook sulked in her normal hiding spot. By the next morning they were up and waiting for their crunchies, so all is good again.


The garden is like a jungle, lush and fecund. No one I invited to come over and pick vegetables actually did, so there were a lot of big overgrown cucumbers and zucchini, as well as plenty of tomatoes and peppers. Surprisingly, all my bean vines decided to merge into one. Anyway, everything is healthy, and I have some new growth on all my orchids, so I'm happy. One of my two-year-old Japanese maples needed a good deep watering, but that's about it.

So far jet lag has been minor. We stayed up until about 11 on Saturday, and got up at about 6 yesterday. We crashed at about noon for three hours, then stayed up until regular bedtime. Malida woke me up at 6 this morning chanting, "Coffee! Coffee! Get up and write your journal!" So here I am.


I went to the farmers market yesterday and bought a bunch of fruit. Stone fruits such as peaches are in season, and everything smelled wonderful. Somewhere along the way I lost my wallet. I went to pay the mushroom girl for her mushrooms, and it was gone. The mushroom girl just handed me the mushrooms, and said, "on the house," which was such a kind gesture.

I went over to talk to my friend Allie to see if he knew if there was a lost and found, and he told me to look for the guy with the white cowboy hat who was the market manager. I found him, and he asked my name. When I told him, he went to his truck and produced my wallet, intact. Some nice person had turned it in. I went back and paid the mushroom girl.

mushroom girl

The mushroom girl, who doesn't like having her picture taken, but agreed anyway.

It's good to be home. I will go to the post office after my walk this morning and collect all the mail they have been holding for me. After that I will take a look at my course site and figure out what I need to prepare for my class tomorrow evening. I can't even remember the topic. I ordered a new external hard drive, which should get here this afternoon. I will use it to archive my photographs. That's my next project.

my left foot and the cat

For the moment, I will enjoy this life I have.
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