August 13th, 2018


August 13--Trippy little squirrel

When I was first clearing the corner for our fountain, I found a dead squirrel buried in the old leaves. It looked like he had been there for a while. I told Malida about it, and she said that once we finished the fountain, we had to put a little squirrel monument out there for him. I finally found one that I liked, and put it out there.


He's kind of trippy looking. Hand painted. I found him on the internet. He seems happy out there, and the squirrel spirits are placated. Not sure what the real squirrels think. I should name him.

I bought a couple of begonias to put out in that corner. A red one and a yellow one. Then I bought another red one, but a different type, at the farmers market yesterday. I like begonias, but have never been successful at growing them. I am, however, flush with the success of my efforts with my orchids, and am willing to try again.


I had a relaxing weekend, but I'm looking at a busy week. I have to teach tomorrow and have to attend a class both Wednesday and Thursday. I went for my doctor visit this morning and things are well, though he wasn't as impressed with my cholesterol as I was, and I am now on a statin. It's a good strategy to minimize the risk of heart disease, so I am ok with it.

It's still warm, but only in the low 90s, which is better than the 100s. Pretty soon the evenings will start cooling off and I will sit outside with my squirrel and enjoy twilight hour.
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