August 14th, 2018


August 14--"Hoo boy--Groatcakes again!"

I'm sitting out in the backyard tonight. I had to teach this evening, and when I walked out of class at about 9 pm. I noticed that a. it was no longer hot, and b. the sky was clear and I could see the moon and the stars. and there is a delightful breeze blowing in from the west. So here I am. Malida has to get up at 3 am for work, so she's already asleep. One of the cats is looking at me through the screen door.

The class went well. I taught about all the different types of shock, and how to treat them. I also went over the last test, and made some suggestions for how to do better next time. I like this class--its only 10 students, and feels a lot more informal than my normal class of 30. I wore a Hawaiian shirt. Tomorrow I have to go to a class to renew my advance cardiac life support certification. Last time they got me in and out in under two hours, so I am hopeful for the same this time around.

Malida and I went to lunch at a new sushi/Korea place that just opened near where we live about a week or two ago. This will be the 4th restaurant that has been in that location since I have lived here. It's not really in the best location--no visibility from the road, but I am hopeful for this place. The food was great, and the service was earnest.


Malida's crab thing. I don't eat sushi, so I had a delicious bento box.

I had a nice nap in the afternoon before I had to go back in to teach my class. I dreamed about a big party at my grandma's house. The police came, and I had a big bag of weed, so took off out the back door. Not sure what that's all about.

I read an article today about a grand jury report on clergy sexual abuse in Pennsylvania, that reported how the Catholic Church covered up sexual abuse by more than 300 priests. What a horrible thing. Even with all that has come out about sexual abuse by clergy, this was stunning.

I thought back to how, when I was thinking about getting married again, the director of the deacon program told me it would be a scandal. Yeah.