August 19th, 2018


August 19--The corndogs of autumn

I enjoyed the day yesterday and didn't do too much other than to walk for a while and eat leftover meatloaf. I walked along the creek trail. I got out there when it was about 75 degrees out, and by the time I was done, it was close to 90. It got hot fast.

tortuga lady

The Casa Tortuga lady was sitting out by the trail, giving out free ice water. I have met her before once, when she was out there with coffee, being neighborly. I accepted her offer of some ice water and talked with her for a bit about the future of healthcare. After I left, I thought that I should have asked her if, when she was a little girl, she had a lemonade stand. One of the best things about that trail is the friendliness of the people I meet there.

wild corn dogs

It's the end of the season for wild corndogs. Soon they will be harvested for the last of the late summer county fairs and carnivals. By Labor Day, they will be gone, not to be seen again until opening day of baseball season in the spring.


The Tagalog word for dragonfly is tutubi. It is one of my favorite words in any language (too-too-bee). There are a lot of them out this time of year.

We are heading down to the Bay Area to have lunch with my dad this afternoon, so that's the day. For the moment, I am sitting with my coffee, watching the birds enjoy the feeder we have put out for them, and watching the little neighbor cat watching the birds as well. He seems very excited, as if he is in cat Disneyland. Maybe he is.
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