August 20th, 2018


August 20--The lessons of aging

I was supposed to go into work this morning. Not because it is a work day--our semester doesn't technically start until Friday, though we have meetings on Thursday. No, it's because I still have stuff to do to finish up this summer class, and get ready for the fall class. Totally self-imposed. Part of my nature, that I have to be on top of everything.

Well, I don't, actually. I just need to get it done eventually. One of the best things about getting older and wiser is that I am now able to allow myself to slack off when I feel like it (and can). I can stay home and write my journal and have coffee.

So here I am, back out in my lovely garden, enjoying the morning. It is a bit cooler--in the high 50s, but sunny and clear, and the birds are noisy.

scrub jay

A scrub jay visiting the bird feeder yesterday. There is more than one of these guys that comes around--I think this is the smallest one. He sat there looking at me for a while. I looked back.

We headed down to see my dad at about 9:30. It is a two-hour drive that is fairly boring. We spent most of the time talking about some trips we want to take. It started with some random comment about the Oregon coast, and talking about how we ought to go back one of these days. This morphed into a side-trip to Seattle and on up to Victoria. It now looks like a drive up to Seattle, a few days there, a few days over in Victoria, back to Port Angeles, and then a slow drive down the coast. We will take this trip in May, right after school lets out.

We also decided on a four-day trip to New Orleans over the winter break--probably in January. Malida has never been there, and expressed an interest. I love New Orleans, and am always ready to go back.

The time flew by, and we were at my dad's before we knew it. We went to lunch at our usual place--The Fish Market. The manager there is a friend of the family, and always stops by our table to say hi and give us a free appetizer. This time it was cheesy bread with crab. Mmmmm!


My dad loves getting post cards, but the Thai postal service is spotty, so I just carried it home with me. We had a nice visit. My dad will be 89 in October, and has had some health issues this year, but is looking pretty good. He hates having his picture taken, so I always have to get it when he is otherwise occupied.


A double-crested cormorant hanging out near the restaurant. We made it home and watched Spirited Away. I couldn't find it streaming anywhere, so I ordered the DVD.

I think I'll take a drive down the river road today.
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