August 26th, 2018


August 26--with peach cobbler for dessert

It's a beautiful morning at Casa de los Flamencos. The temperature out here in the garden is 65 degrees, with a slight breeze, and the high is supposed to be in the mid 80s. Weather-wise, this is my favorite time of the year. Before I began teaching, this used to be the time of year I liked to travel--September and October--when the weather was pleasant and the kids were back in school. I miss that.

I had my first session for landscape photography yesterday. There are about 20 people in the class, mostly older. It sounds like it will be an interesting trip--way different from the coastal one. I will start researching it this afternoon to find some out-of-the-way spots to photograph while I'm there.

After class I went to the local farmers market that is held on Saturday mornings. It is much smaller than the one I normally go to on Sunday, with only about 20 or so vendors, though a number of them are the same people I see at the big market. I bought some garlic, beets, chard, and peaches for the dinner I was cooking last night for my sister and her husband.

I settled on making grilled chicken breasts with a chimichurri marinade/sauce, steamed chard, beets, basmati rice, and some grilled zucchini from the garden. The leaves on the zucchini plant are turning yellow, so this might be among the last of the zucchini for the year.


I got a great deal on the chicken breasts--less than $1 each. Not sure what that was all about, but usually they are much more expensive. It was interesting to go to the grocery store right after the farmers market, and see how crappy the grocery store produce looks in comparison. Our local market used to have the slogan, "Famous for fine produce," but everything looked like it had been in cold storage for months, even the stuff that should have just been picked locally.

I made a peach cobbler with the peaches, which are super fresh right now. I don't think I have made a cobbler for about 10 years or more. From now on it is going to be something I make every summer around peach time, when the weather cools a bit.


It turned out well, and was delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You should have been here!

We had a nice dinner. After we ate, we looked at pictures from each other's trips. They were in Ireland on a trip with my former parish priest. My sister is a pretty good photographer, and has been giving it renewed concentration this year, so it was good to see what she was seeing. I made a slideshow of my pictures and set it to music, but we kept stopping it so I could talk about the stories behind the pictures. Malida made a slideshow as well. I discovered we could play them on our TV (television) via the Roku player, and it was the perfect way to view them on a large screen.

After they left, I watched an old episode of The Prisoner until I fell asleep in my chair. I went to bed and dreamed about something interesting, but got woken up by the cat hissing at something outside the bedroom window. Maybe a wolverine or a badger. Or another cat.

Today's a relaxing day before diving in to the semester tomorrow. Splash.
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