August 27th, 2018


August 27--Cuddle Baht Salad--I have a bong

We went to the farmers market early yesterday and split up--Malida went to the asian market down the street, and I stayed at the regular one. I had some business to attend to with my farmers market stand-up bass player friend. I took some pictures of his band recording their album a few months ago, and they want to use some of the pictures on the CD case. So that means everybody has to sign releases. It's been so long since I have done any of that stuff that I forgot where my release forms are. I had to make a new one.

After my business was completed, I bought a big shopping bag's worth of produce for the week. Mostly fruits, as the peaches are still superb, as are the grapes. I was kind of distracted by the release stuff and Malida actually getting up and coming with me, and I didn't take any farmers market pictures.

After we met up again, we drove over to the dim sum place to get some stuff to take home for breakfast. The old lady who runs the place seems to really like me, greets me enthusiastically every time I walk through the door. We have some sort of connection that I can't remember--something about nursing. In any case, it always makes me happy when I go buy dim sum.

dim sum

We ate out on the back patio because it was another beautiful morning. I did the electronic version of reading the paper, and Malida futzed around in the yard. Eventually she decided to do the rites of pepper. Every summer she buys two or three thai pepper plants, and strips of the peppers to prepare them for freezing. She used them throughout the year. This year she has one very healthy plant she grew, and two that she bought for $1 each.


As we enjoyed the morning we negotiated the day's chores. We both have things that one or the other of us does all the time, such as vacuuming or paying the bills, but there are a number of things up for negotiation, such as "cleaning the kitchen", washing the bedsheets, cleaning the cat box, and so on.

I'll say something like, "If you clean the cat box, I'll clean the kitchen," or something like that. Cleaning the kitchen is no big deal--it is really just processing whatever dishes and glasses are sitting out, and wiping down the counters. So I almost always use that to get out of cleaning the cat box, which Malida doesn't seem to mind, as long as she gets a fair trade out of it. Malida hates making the bed, so she generally offers to was the sheets if I put them back on after.

It's part of the secret language that develops between two people who live together for a long time. No one else in the world understands it, and once one of you is gone, it becomes extinct. One of the precious little gifts that are scattered randomly through life.

In the afternoon, we went for a walk along the creek. The weather was mild--maybe in the mid 70s, but there were only a few people out there. There was a cat sitting out along the creek trail, looking at something--maybe a wolverine or a badger. Or maybe a bug. The cat glanced up at us briefly, then ignored us as only a cat can.

field cat

Subject line: Malida posted a picture of my cobbler on her Facebook page, and one of her friends made a comment about it in Thai. When I asked the Facebook translator what it said, it spit out the subject line above. I love that translator thing--you never know what you're gonna get.
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