August 29th, 2018


August 29--We travel by dragonfly

I got to work pretty early this morning--by 6 am, and got some stuff done. I had clinical orientation with my students at 10, so got that stuff all ready. My favorite time of day. My cubicle colleague arrived at about 7:15, humming to herself as she normally does. It's always kind of an upbeat humming--kind of like soft elevator music.

She had some problems with the stupid student management software that the hospital uses, and asked what I thought. I was stumped, so she called customer support. They were no help either. The hospital imposes some hard deadlines on us about this stuff--if everything isn't done, the students can't come into the hospital. Because the program they use is so counter-intuitive and buggy, it's almost impossible to get everything the way it's supposed to be. We made the decision to not take our students to the hospital until next week, so we can work on getting everything done. That's ok with me--the students spend hours completing modules and post-tests, and such, and Friday will be a payback day for that.

I met with the students in the late morning and went over all the orientation stuff. At the end, we went around the room and I asked them why they decided to go to nursing school, and other interesting things about themselves. The diversity of backgrounds and experiences is always fascinating to me, as is the struggles these students encounter in their journey to becoming an RN. I always do this at the beginning, so I am reminded of how hard they have worked to get to this point. I told them my story, and we called it a day.

I walked across campus to the health office to have my TB test read by Jeff, the school nurse. Jeff is a great guy, who I have known since we were both ICU nurses back in the day. I keep trying to talk him into coming over to teach with us, but the school nurse gig is pretty sweet. I don't have TB.

On the way over, I heard some music coming from the quad. Someone from the music department had put out an old piano, and taped a (probably illegal) sign on it that said "play me!" Some kid took them up on it and was playing a sort of George Winston-esque piece with a touch of jazz thrown in.

piano man

I sat and listened for a while until he finished the piece. I waked over and told him it was beautiful, and that I enjoyed hearing him play. He grinned and said he loved playing, and thought it was cool that they put a piano out there for him. I walked away feeling happy.