August 30th, 2018


August 30--I dunno

It's a lovely evening, abut 72 degrees, with the slightest of breezes. The hummingbirds are still out and about, and the fountain is bubbling placidly. Malida is sitting across from me, chomping on pork neck bones in the soup she made. "Am I bother you?" she asks.

"No, darling".

I taught a six-hour computerized health record class for our students today at the hospital's regional learning center. Something always goes funky with this class, every time I teach it, which is at the beginning of every semester. Today's funkiness was that the charting system was set up for experienced ED nurses, and not regular nursing students. I was an hour into it before I realized. We had to reset everything and start again, but most of the stuff we had already covered was useful, so no big deal. I used the experience as an illustration of how, in nursing, something sooner or later is going to go funky, and you just have to deal with it.

I kept my cool.

crazy bacon

I stopped at the store on the way to work this morning to get some yogurt and a salad, since I would be offsite all day. I saw this sign in the parking lot and thought it was pretty odd. It wasn't until I read it as one sentence instead of two that it kind of made sense, in corny sort of way. If you read it as two separate sentences, as I first did, it really does sound like crazy talk.

We are heading up to the east side of the Sierras for the weekend. I found a place to stay in Lee Vining. It's the same area where I will be going for my photo class in a few weeks. I want to scope it out a bit and check out the new wide-angle lens I bought with a chunk of my extra summer pay. It is supposed to be good for taking pictures of stars. There will be a waning gibbous moon that night, but it doesn't rise until about 11 pm, so I might get some good shots. Or not. I'm not sure what the smoke situation is up there, as there are still fires burning.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that after my students told their stories, I told them mine. Someone left a comment asking "What's your story?"

So I thought I would tell the story of how I became nurse, but not today. It is kind of convoluted, and I have to think about it for a bit before I actually write it out. So, coming soon, I guess.