September 30th, 2018


September 30--Atomic Wallabys

I guess the last time I sat down to write here was last Monday, a pretty big gap for someone who generally writes pretty much every day. It was a busy week, and there were all sorts of distractions. Part of it is that it is getting colder outside now in the early mornings and evenings, so more difficult to sit out here and write. It's kind of cold this morning, and I tried writing inside, but it's not the same. So I am sitting out here in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, with a nice warm cup of coffee. Malida tells me it is National Coffee Day, and used that to justify her claiming the coffee cup I wanted to use. So I'm using one of the second string cups, as all my favorites are in the dish washer.

I spent a good part of the week working our our accreditation stuff for the nursing program. We are knee-deep in revising our student learning outcomes (SLOs) so that they show clear progression through the program, and trying to identify the objective measures we use to demonstrate that they are met. It's kind of confusing. So much easier to just say, "yeah, it seems to be working fine," and leave it at that, but the accreditation people aren't really on board with that approach.


This way to Jennifer

The other interesting thing I did this week was to meet with our union rep to start making the case for them to negotiate better pay for the nursing faculty. Our rep is a science teacher, and seems more than willing to work on this with me. He also roasts his own coffee, and brewed some up for our meeting, which was way cool. Part of this process will be to document all the things we do that are above and beyond what most teachers do, which is difficult, because most teachers go above and beyond anyway. Most of them don't do 9+ hour lab days, though, and that is what we are focusing on.


One of my grade school friends posted something on facebook about schnitzel, and it inspired me to make some the other night.

I went to photo class yesterday and made a bunch of prints. We only have to make two prints for the course, but I like to see what they look like all printed up. I still have done very little towards putting together my portfolio, which is due next week, but at least I have the prints out of the way.


I printed this one up, though I'm not sure I will include it in the portfolio. I took it up at an abandoned camp in the mountains above Mono Lake. I was sitting on a log bench just taking in the afternoon and watching these guys flying around. I was taking a pic of one of them sitting on a flower, and he took off just as I took the picture.

Today's gonna be an easy day before it all starts up again tomorrow.
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