October 7th, 2018


October 7--Baby born with a peg leg!

I'm sitting outside on a beautiful fall day. It really does feel like fall. The air is cool(ish), and it is windy. My app tells me the winds are at 20 mph. The wind chimes are happy.

I'm drinking some of the Lao coffee I have put away for days like today. A day where I can sit and enjoy it. A windy day. It feels like....Chicago or something. I've never been to Chicago, but I have heard it called The Windy City. I almost headed for Chicago when I was in Terre Haute, but turned west instead, and ended up in South Dakota.

It was a busy week for me at work. I spent a lot of time working on pieces of our accreditation self-study. One of the outcomes of looking so closely at what we do is that we have identified a bunch of processes that we need to re-write so that they actually reflect what we do. We have about a 100% Licensure exam pass rate for our students, so what we are doing works, but we could do better at describing it. We don't have to rewrite it before our accreditation visit, but we do have to describe what we plan to do.


The new Costco near our house opened last week, and we went by to take a look. It looks like a Costco, but the aisles are a little wider than the old one, and parking is a lot easier. I bought some batteries and a few bags of stuff I didn't really need.

yosemite pano

I turned in my portfolio for my photo class yesterday. I had some good shots, but was generally displeased with what I ended up with. I need to change my approach to landscape photography. I think I take way too many pictures, and don't spend enough time with each shot. I was talking to another guy in the class, and he spends a lot of time setting up each shot, and only takes a few. Much more like in the film days. I'm not sure I have that kind of patience.

ghost ship

This one reminds me of a ghost ship. Maybe because I have been watching the Ken Burns series on the Second World War, which I finished last night. I remember watching parts of it when it first came out back in 2007, but not the whole thing. I lack the patience to sit through a whole series in one go, but I managed to watch this over two weeks.

It's an amazing series. Burns is a master storyteller, and knows how to build up drama. He did a great job of illustrating the human cost of the war, and the sacrifices it took to win it. I'll watch his other two series (what is the plural of series?) on Vietnam and the Civil War eventually, but I think I need a break for a bit.


One-third of the triptych I did with rocks in the water.