October 9th, 2018


October 9--The improbable history of the Waldorf Salad

I was looking at other people's posts today and saw one where someone had made a series of questions specific for that person to answer. I wanted to answer them all here, even though they have nothing to do with me, but I forget where I saw them.

The one I can sort of remember asked something along the lines of "If you were kidnapped, and your captors insisted that you keep making a journal entry every day in your normal style, how would you subtly clue people in that something was amiss?" Or something along those lines.

I thought about it, and decided what I would do is make up crazy, meaningless subject lines. Either that or start writing about the dogs I don't have. I was going to say more, but the dogs were barking for their walk, and I got distracted.

I'm still at work, waiting to do some tutoring with the evening class. We are about three weeks from being done, other than their preceptorships, and I am really looking forward to not having to do this anymore. It was a lot more work than I expected it to be, and I'm kind of tired of doing both that and teaching my regular coursework.

I woke up yesterday morning and realized I had hit the wall this semester. It was probably a good time to hit it. I have been working off these little lists all semester, and I finally finished them all up on Monday, so I am caught up with everything. I still have a lot to do, but the gargoyles aren't breathing down my neck, at least for the moment. I will sleep in tomorrow and not come in until I have to go to the hospital at 10.

moonrise over half dome

The moon over Half Dome. This was taken at about 9:30 at night, well after the sun had set. I used the light of the moon to illuminate the granite landscape. Had the moon not been there, you would have been able to see the Milky Way over Half Dome. It was pretty cold up there, but beautiful.

Milky way

The Milky Way over some tufas the previous night.

As soon as I wrote above about finishing off all my lists, I started thinking about all sorts of stuff I need to add to a new list. Dang.

rock water2

Finally, the second of the three rocks in water pictures that made up one of my two triptychs. I'll post the triptych later this week.