October 20th, 2018


October 20--How's his kidney function?

Let's start with the weather. The weather has been perfect lately--warm in the daytime and cool in the evenings, just as I like it. Proper fall weather. My grandma kept a daybook on her desk at home, where she would write down her appointments and make comments about the day. She would almost always mention the weather. My grandpa wasn't much of a diarist, though he did keep a calendar of his 80th year, where he would note the significant events of the day, and the weather. I have a box somewhere with about 20 year's worth of my grandma's daybooks. I also have a box of their correspondence from the 1940s and 50s, when my grandpa was on the road a lot, selling furniture. One day I will pull those boxes out and take a good look at what was going on in their lives.

I thought about my grandpa this week as I read about the demise of Sears. He worked for Sears for a number of years at the beginning, and was the manager of the first Sears retail store in Kalamazoo Michigan back in 1927.


One of my favorite pictures of him. I hear him whisper from the distance, "All things must pass".
Or maybe that's George Harrison whispering.

On Friday I made some site visits to the two hospitals where we have adjuncts shepherding our students. I followed them around for a while and listened as they got the students to report on their patients. All the students seemed to be doing well, and had a good grasp of what was going on with their patients. As they gave report, I made notes on a piece of paper. Not because I needed to--just out of habit.

Back when I used to take report on the patients I was assuming care for, I had a fairly particular way of ordering the information so that I knew what was there and what was missing. It's like second nature. I miss that.

I had a cool insight about being a teacher, though not one that I can articulate. Just something cool.

I continue to dig through my photo archives. I pulled out a bunch of pics to submit for this photo show, but had a bunch more that kind of interested me. There are photos I have hanging on the wall here at home, that have become kind of iconic for me--representative of the time I took them.

One of the cool things about digging back into the archives is finding pictures from the same moments, but different from the ones I'm used to, particularly from my first trip to Southeast Asia, where I really started learning how to photograph. Back then I had to choose my favorite 1000 or so, then whittle them down to the top 100, and eventually to about 20 for my portfolio. I never really went back and looked at the ones that didn't make the original cut. Now that I have it all organized, I plan to spend a lot more time looking through them to see what is there.

Cambodian kids

This was one I took on my last day in Phnom Penh, I was wandering around sort of aimlessly, and came across these kids playing in a field. They loved having their picture taken. The older girl, who was probably about 11 or 12 wanted a picture all by herself, which I took, and that one made the portfolio. I like this one, though, because it reflects the moment so well.

We are off to the Sierras in a few minutes. It's 30 degrees up in Lee Vining this morning. Perfect!