November 3rd, 2018


November 3--Company's coming and I have a big pork butt

It was an extraordinarily busy week. I spent almost all of it writing a draft of my part of our accreditation report, which needed to be submitted on Thursday. It took way more time than I expected, and ended up being greater than 30 pages long. I got up at 4 every morning and went in early so I could get parts of it done before everyone showed up and started draining away my attention. I finished it at 2:45 on Thursday afternoon and we sent it in at 3. Boom.

I thought about taking Friday off, but the thing that normally keeps me busy this time of year--preceptorships--start today and I had to get a bunch of stuff done for that yesterday. I'll have to go into the hospital today and tomorrow to meet with students and their preceptors, but that's no big deal.

It was just nice to be able to sleep in until 7 am this morning, despite the cats' suggestion that I get up at 6 and give them their crunches. Chocko has a new behavior for when she wants me to do something for her. She comes up and taps my hand with her paw a few times. "Hey, Hey!"

One interesting side effect of getting up so early all week was that I went to bed way early, mostly before 8:30 pm. I slept great. I might start doing that more often. If I don't have a good book I'm reading, I tend to get bored in the late evenings. I never really thought about deliberately being a morning person before.

Mohr Hal

They were demolishing Mohr Hall this week. I took a walk over there and watched for a while. This picture shows the classroom where I spent my first semester as a nursing student. I remember sitting in that room on my first day of class in 1987. We sat in a circle and introduced ourselves, and talked about why we wanted to become nurses. I don't remember much of what I said, but I am sure I had no idea that I would eventually come back and teach there. Interestingly, the last class I taught in that building was in the same room. Full circle, I guess.

In other news:

pilot at 100

My Honda Pilot keeps going strong. I love this car.