November 7th, 2018


November 7--Gravity always wins

It's such a strange time in American politics.


I ended up working about 13 1/2 hours today. I knew it would be a long day, so I got a good night's sleep. I woke up a bit too early, though, and thought about some work stuff before falling back asleep and getting up at 5.

It was an interesting day. We had a test this morning, our nursing regulatory agency was here all day, and I had a bunch of preceptor meetings this evening. The nice thing was that none of it was particularly stressful, and I got lunch.

As I was getting ready to give the test, I encountered the reviewer from the Board of Nursing, and showed her around the computer lab while we waited for my boss to show up and whisk her off to wherever. I would encounter her pretty much throughout the day. I enjoyed the experience, and learned a lot. In the afternoon, she met with the entire faculty, and listened as we talked about our program. On Friday, we will gather again, and she will tell us her perspective on the program, and what we can do to make it better. And so it goes.

After all the meetings, I headed over to the hospital to meet with students and preceptors who are starting tonight. I have three students on night shift this semester, which entails going in either late, or really early. I don't mind, really, but it does make for a long day.

When I got home this evening, Malida asked me to explain the whole Robert Mueller investigation thing, and I said, "Not now darling...". The situation is fluid.