November 12th, 2018


November 12--Counting Stars

It has been way to smoky to go out and do stuff, other than go from one place to another. The fires are just horrible, and there is so much destruction. So many people have lost everything. It's heartbreaking.

I thought about my grandfather yesterday, on Veterans Day. He was 14 when he ran away from home, changed his name, and enlisted in the Navy. He was sent over to France, and within a few months of being there, was injured when a wall fell on him and fractured his hip. By the age of 15 he was a disabled war veteran. Thereafter, his left leg was about an inch shorter than the right. The government gave him a special pair of shoes every 6 months, and a $15 monthly disability benefit. As with so many things, I wish I had asked him more about his experience.

We finished our site visit with the Board of Nursing on Friday. It is such a relief to have it done with. I don't think I realized how stressful the past couple of weeks have been until this weekend, when I finally had nothing much to do and decompressed. Next up is our accreditation visit in March, which will probably be more stressful.

fall at SCC

The tree outside our classrooms. Other than this one tree, we are pretty much surrounded by concrete and asphalt. Our somewhat dilapidated trailer village came up during the visit, and administration will have to answer for why the nursing department is living in such a shithole. We'll see where that leads.

Yesterday was the perfect day for not doing much of anything. I went early to the farmers market and got some stuff, and talked with my friend Allie for a while.

I stopped at the dim sum place on the way home to get some breakfast for us. The old dim sum lady is always happy to see me. Even if the place is packed with people, she will shout across the room to say hi. This time she saw me through the window and started waving at me. I am not sure why I stand out for her--I think it is some sort of nursing connection. I seem to recall that her daughter is a nurse.

After I got home we ate and spent the day relaxing. Malida camped out on the couch with the cats, and I listened to music and read. In the late afternoon we tried a new Thai restaurant, which got Malida's seal of approval.


The cats rarely spend time together like this. Usually it is Chocko chasing Mook away so she can have our attention all to herself. I guess it was cold enough that they tolerated each other for their warmth. Look had something matted in her fur and got a bit of a haircut. She seemed happy to be rid of whatever it was.

I have to head over to the hospital for a while to see a student this morning. After that I will take a walk if the air quality isn't too bad. It looks a bit clearer than yesterday, and I can see some blue sky again.

And so it goes.
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