November 21st, 2018


November 21--Exile Tidal

So I'm still off from work, sort of. I still have to work, and have been going in to the hospital, but haven't had to go in to the office since last week. I've stopped in a few times to pick up files, etc., but that's about it. It has made for a very stress-free week so far. I've been getting up early and doing my work work stuff, then going to the hospital at about 10 to visit students, and am done by about 11. I get way more done here than I do at the office, though I miss going there.

I went out to the cemetery on Sunday morning and brought some roses from the garden to put on Arlina's grave, to commemorate the 14th anniversary of her death. I was surprised that there are still roses out there. They are usually gone by this time of year. I'm surprised so much time has passed, though it seems a lifetime ago.

I've had plenty of time to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. I went shopping yesterday, about mid-day, thinking it would be quiet, but I forgot that every school in the area is closed, so everyone's off and shopping the same as I am. In any case, I got all the stuff I needed, and spent today cleaning the kitchen and dining room.

I bought a new tablecloth, and was surprised when I later found the exact same style of tablecloth, still in the package, in the cabinet where we keep that stuff. I must have bought it last year, but I have no memory of it. I set the table even though Malida warned that the cats would wreak havoc. They haven't so far, but she's probably right.

We have about 10 people coming for dinner. One is on a Keto diet, one is gluten-free, one is lactose intolerant, one is allergic to beans and nuts. I decided, other than to leave the nuts out of my cranberry sauce and dressing, to pretty much cook how I usually cook. There will be something for everyone, I'm sure, and everybody's bringing a dish.


The turkey candles that have graced my family's Thanksgiving table as far back as I can remember. They were my grandma's. They had never been lit until Arlina decided to light them at some Thanksgiving, years ago. I was pretty upset at the time, but I'm almost over it now. It gives them character.

I have the window open a bit because it is raining outside, and it sounds wonderful. Hopefully the rain will help put the fires out and clean the air a bit. I think about all the people who lost their homes in the fires, and those who lost loved ones, both human and animal.

I will go out to the kitchen in a bit and do some prep work for tomorrow's dinner. Maybe have a glass of wine.

And so it goes.