December 2nd, 2018


December 2--All aboard the analog Tilt-a-Whirl

Sometimes I think about the subject line long before I have anything of substance to write about (if ever), and I will write it down in the little black notebook I keep on my desk next to the computer. I also write down song titles that I have heard and liked, and other random notes. Sometimes the prospective subject line is written on a scrap of paper that ends up in my pocket, and lost in the wash. Sometimes the subject line is a song title.


Sometimes I have a hard time reading my own handwriting. And no, I have no idea what I was thinking about when I scribbled down "Analog Tilt-a-Whirl". So there's that.

I haven't written here since last Sunday. We all went back to work on Monday after the rains cleared the air and made it breathable again. The week started out with a bunch of meetings, and catching up for the week we missed. At this point, all I'm thinking about is getting through the rest of the semester, finishing my portion of the accreditation report, and taking off for winter break. Actually, I am already thinking ahead to next summer's break.

I got talked into teaching a three-day class at the beginning of summer on using patient simulators for high school students. It's based on the curriculum I got talked into writing earlier this semester. It should be kind of fun and interesting. I'm not sure if I will have to teach any other classes over the summer--they are running the program I taught this past summer again, but I think they might hire someone to do it. If so, I am thinking about taking off and spending a good part of the summer in Thailand as our house is being built.

It would be fun to have a bunch of unscheduled free time there where I could just wander around and take pictures and explore. Or just hang out. Or learn the Thai language.

campus in the late fall

We have had some good rain this past week, and are expecting some more on Tuesday. Everything seems kind of delayed this year, though not like the years where we got no rain at all. We are spending Christmas in Yosemite again this year, and are hoping that there is some snow on the ground up there. Things are looking hopeful in that regard.

flamingo funeral

There were flamingos, who, when asked said, "and so it goes".
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