December 9th, 2018


December 9--At St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

It's starting to feel like the end of the year, whatever that feels like. Things are winding down, the weather is cooperating with the mood, and some non-specified third thing that illustrates my point.

I got up at about 5:15 this morning after my watch woke me up to remind me to take deep breaths. I laid there for a while thinking about work things for a bit, then reminded myself it was Sunday and I didn't have to think about that stuff today. I got up and made some coffee, and walked back to my office to look at the pictures I took yesterday during my walk along the creek.

abstract #1

Abstract number 1

I have an old email address from when I was a deacon in the Catholic church that I never use, but for some reason I have been getting all sorts of random emails intended for other Deacon Mikes throughout the country. I think it is some sort of gmail glitch. I got emails inviting me to parish events, emails with questions about wedding planning, and even emails informing me that I had some hits on some other Deacon Mike's Christian dating site profile.

In any case, I tried writing these guys telling them I was getting their emails, but it kept happening. Finally, I started responding to each and every email I received with, "Will there be a pancake breakfast?"

That seemed to fix it.

Now I want pancakes.

abstract #2

Abstract number 2
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