December 12th, 2018


December 12--"...surrounded by a thin, thin, thin, 16 millimeter shell. And inside, it's delicious!"

I am just ready for this semester to be over. It's taken pretty much everything out of me. It hasn't been a bad semester, just different. And weird.

Malida has been sick for the past week--some sort of respiratory thing. She just went back to work today. Now I am starting to feel it. I have a pretty good immune system, and can generally hold most things off. I have been going to bed early the past few nights and getting a good 8 hours sleep, and so far so good. I've got so much going on at the moment that I can't afford to be sick. Another week and a half and it will be winter break, and I don't care if I am sick then. I can luxuriate in it.

I am kind of caught up on most of the routine end-of-semester stuff, and even have my final exam questions all written. I will do the big comprehensive tutoring/case study session on Friday to review everything, and then the final is Monday. Tuesday is the graduation ceremony, and then it's meetings and getting accreditation stuff done for the balance of the week.

I have been watching old episodes of The Addams Family. I am surprised at how good they are, and how clever the writing was. I always thought of it as being geared towards kids, but I think it was one of those rare series that worked on multiple levels, much like the old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons.

The weather has been cool here, and it feels good. I went out walking the other day and came across a couple of wood ducks sitting on a branch. I don't generally see wood ducks around here, and when I have, it has always been the more colorful males.

wood ducks

I have been following the news about all things political, and have a sense that things are starting to come into better focus. My guess is that we in the US are in for a wild ride in the coming months.

And so it goes.
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