December 29th, 2018


December 29--Are there any Druids in the audience this evening?

We spent a lovely Christmas in Yosemite. It was cold, but no snow, again. We had sunny days for the most part. Malida is convinced that there will be snow in 2020, so we'll plan to be back for Christmas then.

Malida in the mist

Malida in the mist.

One really cool thing was that it was misty in the mornings as the air started to warm up a bit. We got up fairly early most mornings and hiked around before all the tour buses arrived. It was almost like having the place to ourselves.


We saw a couple of bears wandering around near Yosemite Falls one morning after some guy came up to us all excited and said, "Bears! Two! Bears!" And he was right--two bears. They ambled out of the woods in our general direction. A woman who was standing next to me looked over and I could see she was thinking the same thing I was--"they're coming right towards us--what do we do?"

They crossed the path in front of us, and continued on towards destination unknown. Just about that time the first tour bus of the day arrived, and we were surrounded by people. I preferred bears.

We had a nice Christmas dinner at the Ahwahnee Hotel. We have now a) had a drink there, b) stayed there, and c) had dinner there, which completes the trifecta. We stayed at the lodge this time, which was a lot less expensive, but very comfortable and convenient to everything.


A photo Malida took of me one morning. For some reason it reminds me of my grandfather.

Our second day there, we walked around the valley for about 6 miles. We stopped in at Curry Village for some hot coffee and soup. It was a pretty day, and it felt good to be out in such a lovely place.


Some more mist on our last morning in the valley.

Now I'm off until about the 16th of January, though I have a bunch of work-related stuff to do between now and then. I will forget about that until after the first, and enjoy the last few days of the year.
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